Monday, October 22, 2007

Kimi is F1 champion

A dramatic season in F1 racing finally had improbable finale. Kimi Raikkonen needed a ferrari 1-2 with he finishing on top. Title favourite Lewis Hamilton needed just a finish in top 6 to be a rookie champion. Amongst all the hysteria Hamilton said he was relaxed and calm. His team mate Fernando Alonso, also among the possible champion, needed second position.

This second position made all the difference. Felippe Massa finished second holding off Alonso. He said later that he was happy for Kimi. As site said, Some days it’s tough being a hero, but Massa carried it off with dignity in front of his adoring countrymen

Ferraris have always been more durable, reliable and faster in race than any other team out there(including McLaren) and Prancing Horse proved its pedigree when it mattered the most.

Even though he lost championship battle, one remarkable fact about Alonso is , he is always on the podium whenever his competitor is the race winner. That is consistency even when you are having a difficult race. He's as competitive as Michael Schumacher on a race track.

Hamilton had a dream season as a rookie. He should not loose his heart for not winning the championship. He's exceptionally skilled for his age and given he maintains the desire, he will surely be world champion one day.

Finally a few words on Kimi. He always says he does what he can. Even in press conference he said he doesn't believe in luck too much. He never gets excited and treats success and failure with same calm composure. But above all he and Ferrari team worked hard and they never give up. Congratulations Kimi !!!

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