Saturday, April 26, 2008

Call a spade a spade

Today Chelsea beat Manchester United at Stamford Bridge by 2-1. Chelsea were awarded a penalty kick since Carrick handled the ball inside box. Sir Alex Ferguson, United Coach, was furious about it later in the press.

He said later: "It was absolutely diabolical, " he told MUTV. "It is a major decision.
"Granted, it hit his hand. But he has not lifted his hand above his shoulders, above his head, anything like that."

Just two weeks ago, United won against Arsenal by 2-1. In that match, United were awarded a penalty when Gallas handled the ball. Gallas did no more than Carrick. Even he was trying to block the ball at his waist level. But Ferguson was more than happy to take it.

Thing to consider is: Its so easy to take unsporting (fair, in this case) decisions given in favour of your team and so hard to take them when they go against.

I don't want to criticize Sir Alex but all I want to say is Call a penalty a penalty.

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